Library Use is Increasing

             2012 was a very busy year for the Meigs County District Public Library.  Even with budget cuts still in effect, library usage has increased.  Some of the increase is due to the library’s membership in the Ohio Valley Library Consortium (OVLC), which allows for sharing materials with 6 other libraries in the region.  Meigs County is what is known as a “net lender” in the program.  Overall, we lend more items to other libraries in the consortium than the number of items our patrons borrow from consortium libraries.  That’s not to say our patrons don’t borrow a lot though. 
              Here are a few numbers from our recent annual state report.  The Meigs County Library currently has 22,142 registered borrowers, 16,406 of whom are adults and 5,736 of whom are children.  Of those registered, 7,907 have used their library card in the last 3 years.  Library staff circulated 169,913 items in 2012.  This number was made up of 133,368 adult items and 38,545 children’s items.  E-books hit an all-time high at MCDPL with 4,129 circulations in 2012.  We provided 12,122 items to be borrowed by other libraries around the state including 150 libraries in the MORE (Moving Ohio’s Resources Everywhere) Consortium, and the 6 libraries in our more local OVLC consortium.  From those same libraries, we borrowed 7,309 items for use by our patrons in Meigs County. 
              Since there are many library services that do not require the use of a library card, another way that libraries measure use is by attendance.  We choose two “counting” weeks per year, one in March and one in October where we count attendance.  Those two numbers are averaged to find an estimate of attendance in a typical week and then multiplied to find an estimate of yearly library attendance.  Last year, approximately 1,846 people per week or 95,992 made use of the four Meigs County libraries.  Reference transactions are also calculated during “counting week” and last year, library staff answered approximately 228 reference questions in a typical week or 11,856 for the whole year.  The library provided 184 different programs i.e. story times, school visits, classes etc., in 2012 which were attended by 4,347 people.  The vast majority of those programs are geared toward children, and the kids enjoy them immensely.  And finally, the library provides a total of 32 internet accessible-computers in all four locations for public use.  Those 32 stations were used a total of 11,908 times last year. 
              It’s been a very busy year!  But even more important than the numbers, is the excellent customer service that library staff provides to our users on a daily basis.  We want the library to be a welcoming place for everyone in our community.  If you haven’t been to the library recently, come on in and see what we’re all about.  You won’t be disappointed.